Specializing in creatively designed natural and cultured stone fireplaces, floors and veneers

Craig Garbiel

Originally from Vermont, Craig is a stone mason with over 16 years of experience; fully licensed and bonded since 2007. He specializes in custom stone work and creative designs for commercial and residential projects, including custom fireplaces, chimneys, floors, exterior veneers, walls and other projects.

Craig enjoys working with all types of natural and cultured stone and likes to use the natural edges and shapes of each stone, creating a mosaic appearance. Rather than squaring off each piece, Craig loves the challenge of using the unique shapes of each stone to create custom, one of a kind stone work that you’ll enjoy looking at for years. 

Whether you have a clear vision for your project or are still looking for ideas for materials and design concepts, Craig can assist you in achieving your dream vision. 

“Craig is really skilled, but also has a great vision for new projects and you can tell he loves making unique, one of a kind pieces.”

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